LabVIEW Web Server

Use the LabVIEW Web Server to create HTML documents, publish front panel images on the Web, and embed VIs in a Web page. You can control browser access to the published front panels and configure which VIs are visible on the Web.

You can use the Web Publishing Tool to create Web pages with embedded panel images. Refer to the LabVIEW Help Web Server topics for more information about viewing and controlling VIs remotely.

You can also use the LabVIEW Internet Toolkit to further incorporate the Web into your LabVIEW application. Visit to purchase additional licenses for clients to control LabVIEW VIs remotely.


The following examples demonstrate viewing and controlling VIs from a Web browser.

The following examples use the Real-Time Chart VI example located in the examples/general/graphs/charts.llb. Open and run the VI before proceeding with the examples.

Embedded Front Panel in Web Document

This link opens a window that displays a HTML document with an embedded image of the Real-Time Chart VI.

Snapshot of a VI Front Panel

This link opens a window that displays the panel image of Real-Time Chart VI as specified by the following URL:

Notice that the URL replaced the space character in the VI name with %20. Click the Refresh button in the Web browser to obtain an updated image of the VI. If the VI is not open, the server returns a File Not Found error document.

You can create an animation of the front panel using a snapshot that updates continuously. The Monitor option in the Web Publishing Tool generates a sample web page that demonstrates this technique. Refer to the LabVIEW Help for more information about using the Web Publishing Tool.

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